trade the pool accepting swing traders

Attention all traders! Trade the Pool has just made a game-changing update to its rules:

Swing trades are now allowed!

Whether you’re a scalper, a day trader, or a swing trader, this means you can unleash your trading potential with unlimited buying power.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your trading to new heights with Trade the Pool!

A Prop Firm for Stock Traders? Yes!

Most Prop Firms only fund Forex and Futures Traders, but Trade the Pool is funding stock traders. Bulls and Bears welcome. You can trade hundreds of popular, highly liquid stocks, such as Tesla, Apple, Microsoft and more. Long or Short and Swing trades too! 

Reasons to Trade with Trade the Pool

Cap Your Risk

Long or Short, all You can lose is the price of your account evaluation.

Built in Risk Management

Trade the Pool has built risk management into their system.


No Pattern Day Trader Rules. No Waiting for Settlement. Pure Buying Power Ready for You to Trade!

Free Trial

14 Days to Look Around before Committing to a Challenge.

Don't Let a Lack of Capital Hold you Back!

Unlimited Buying Power Means You'll Never have to Pass Up A Trade Again!

You Have Nothing To Lose, Check it Out!

This Could Be the Golden Opportunity You've Been Searching For.
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Trade The Pool

Trade The Pool, a proprietary stock trading firm, is the brainchild of Five Percent Online Ltd, the same company that brought us – a renowned and trusted online proprietary trading firm established in 2016.

Drawing from years of experience in the trader-funding sector, the team behind Trade The Pool is composed of seasoned active traders who have lived and breathed all facets of trading. This firsthand experience fuels their passion to create the most rewarding trading environment possible, a commitment that has positioned The5ers as a trailblazer and a beacon of innovation in the online proprietary trading industry.

This same spirit of leadership and innovation is evident in the way Trade The Pool has designed its funding program. The core value of the firm is to foster a symbiotic relationship with its partner traders, ensuring mutual benefits and shared success.

Are You Restricted?

Being short on funds can be a real headache in stock trading. It’s like seeing a door to opportunities but not having the key. You know the moves to make, but without enough money, you can’t make them. This lack of capital can limit your growth, increase stress, and make you feel stuck, missing out on potential profits.

Trade the Pool could be your solution. Joining the pool gives you some major benefits that will take you years to attain with limited capital.

Trade the Pool Get Funded
Trade the pool rules of the challenge
trade the pool resources

Account Sizes and Pricing

Imagine being allowed to trade for a fraction of the risk and still be able to participate in the profits! The folks at Trade the Pool have made it possible. Start with what you can afford and scale your account from there. 

Trade The Pool Account Sizes and PRicing

What's Everyone Saying?

Trade the Pool is a relatively new company with limited reviews on Trustpilot, but the Parent Company, The5%ers, has been around for a while. They have over 1,100 reviews and have earned an average rating of 4.8 stars.

Trade the Pool is just getting traction, but already has 22 reviews and 4.2 stars.

Here are some comments from some happy funded traders. 

5 start rated
Robust infrastructure, system, and platform I have not personally traded on the TTP Platform, but I was involved in running a trading contest for our trading community for the first time with TTP. They seem to have a robust infrastructure, systems, and platform to handle a large number of contest participants, and most importantly I have received great feedback from some of the top contest performers that they had a great experience with trading on their platform and receiving support during the trading contest and looked forward to the next contest with TTP! Date of experience: June 24, 2023
Tessa on TrustPilot
5 start rated
Rated 5 out of 5 stars May 22, 2023 Best choice for stock traders Great company for traders who are looking to trade stocks. I like that it's easy to sign up, very straight forward process. Platform is fast to trade on. Takes a while to get used to, especially if you are used to trade on mt5. Dashboard(hub) is very good and also has recources which is great for newer traders. All the best to say, so 5 stars! Date of experience: May 22, 2023
Ann on Trustpilot
5 start rated
Risk control and the Daily Loss Limit… Risk control and the Daily Loss Limit are good one. Rules are easy to remember and trader friendly, these people are accommodating to develop the trading skills of others. Guidelines and rules are good to keep one in right direction.
Ashrad on Trustpilot
Trade the pool rules of the challenge
trade the pool resources

Fair Prices to Share the Pool Expenses

How else, could you access $20,000 worth of buying power, which doesn’t run out, by the way, that’s per trade if you wish. . . many times a day, for only $97.

No PDT, No T-1, T-2 settlements. Get into and out of as many positions as you desire in a given day, just don’t lose more than the daily loss limit, or the over all drawdown for the account size you choose.

Trade The Pool Account Sizes and PRicing

How Many Times Has Your Limited Buying Power Lost You Money?

  1. Have you ever hesitated to stop out of a losing trade because your limited buying power would prevent you from re-entering the market?
  2. Have you followed your rules, and stopped out, only to find a perfect set-up just minutes later that you couldn’t take because you were out of buying power? 
  3. Have you not taken profit when you could have because you wanted to make more on the day, but your limited buying power meant that was your last trade for the day? 
  4. Are you trading high-risk, high IV options because your limited buying power won’t allow you to go short the stock when you want to? 
  5. Are you trading options because “it’s cheaper,” and you lack the leverage to trade the mega-cap stocks?
  6. Are you tired of trying to figure out what the value of your option will be when your stock hits your stop or profit area? 
  7. Would you rather know exactly what your risk reward is on every trade?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, Trade The Pool might be your answer.

What are you waiting for? You’ll have 14 days to check out the platform, read all the rules, join the Discord, the Facebook Page and all the other resources Trade the Pool has for their community of traders, and at any time in those 14 days, if you subscribe to any plan, you will receive a 20% discount. 

Trade the Pool is Unlike any other Prop Firm I've Reviewed

Here are just some of the benefits:

  1. Coaching from Traders who’ve been in the trading business for decades.
  2. Daily trade tips, including support and resistance levels of the hottest stocks on the watch list. 
  3. Free access to professional tools worth hundreds a month, like Trendspider, TraderSynch, and TradeIdeas.
  4. Several ways to enter the community based on your needs. Discord, Twitter, Facebook. Many opportunities to interface with the traders at Trade the Pool. 
  5. Transparency from the start. Everything you need to know is clearly stated up-front, from fees to profit splits. Many things are left up to you to decide. 
  6. Team Trading at its finest. They succeed when you succeed. They’re looking to make money on your success, not on your failure.

Other Benefits to Trading with a Firm vs On Your Own

  1. No Wash Sale Rules: When trading as an individual, wash sale rules can limit your ability to offset capital gains with capital losses if you repurchase a substantially similar security within a short period. By trading with a prop firm, you may be exempt from wash sale rules, allowing for more flexible tax planning and optimization.

  2. Independent Contractor Status: Joining a prop firm like Trade the Pool often involves being classified as an independent contractor rather than an employee. This classification can provide unique advantages, such as the ability to establish your own trading business without the need to apply for trader tax status. It allows for more flexibility in structuring your trading activities and potential tax benefits.

  3. Enhanced Trading Resources: Prop firms typically offer traders access to advanced trading tools, proprietary trading software, and comprehensive research resources. These additional resources can enhance your trading capabilities, providing you with a competitive edge in the market.

  4. Reduced Trading Costs: Prop firms often negotiate lower trading costs, including commissions and fees, due to the collective buying power of their traders. As a participant, you can benefit from these reduced trading costs, potentially leading to higher overall profitability.

  5. Performance-based Compensation: Trading with a prop firm often involves performance-based compensation structures. Instead of a fixed salary, you have the opportunity to earn a share of the profits generated from your trading activities. This can provide added motivation to strive for consistent profitability and rewards based on your trading success.

  6. Risk Management Support: Prop firms typically have risk management measures in place to protect both the firm and the traders. They often provide risk assessment tools, trading limits, and oversight to help you manage and mitigate risk effectively. This support can be valuable, particularly for traders who are still developing their risk management skills.